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Elevate Your Lifestyle Where Dreams Meet Reality

We Define Your Perfect Home at Rakhshan Farms Where Every Step Leads You Closer to Your Perfect Sanctuary

Swimming Pool

Refreshing oasis amidst nature, our farmhouses boast a pristine swimming pool for ultimate relaxation and recreation.

Basketball Court

Elevate your farmhouse lifestyle with a dedicated basketball court, offering active recreation and health.

Recreation Room

Indulge in leisure with a farmstead recreation room, offering games and relaxation for great memories.

Super Mart

Convenience at your doorstep: Super mart in our farm houses for seamless access to daily essentials.

Children Park

Wholesome fun awaits at our farmhouses with a vibrant children’s park, ensuring joyous play and laughter.

Badminton Court

Serve, smash, and rally in style at our farmhouses with a well-equipped badminton court for active recreation.

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